How businesses can use this app for attendance record of employees who working from home or on-field ?

Field visit app is now become very important for businesses that have their employee on field. It becomes very difficult to communicate and get correct details from employees who are working on field. Field visit app to tackle all problems in handling and monitoring the employees. Field sales app helps manager, Business owners to track their employee and check are they working according to the plan or not? Tracking and keeping every record related to work. This App helps businesses to save reporting time and increase productivity. Although it also help to keep track on expenses and save money from being waste.

Benefits of Field Visit App:

  • Monitor – Managers and Business owners can monitor every employee who is on field for visit/meetings. They can see all record like Assigned meetings, meeting attended, employees live location, past meetings, etc. so they can keep watch on every activity and use those for further planning to increase productivity.
  • Assign Meetings – When field executive start working on field it may become difficult to reach and communicate with that employee to tell attend another meeting and give some new instruction. Keeping in all these we have given feature for Manager and Admin to assign meetings to field visit executive at any time from their respective web portal.
  • Meeting Records – When it comes to past records this app provide feature to Manager and admin to see detailed monthly, weekly and daily record of meeting attended, missed meeting and postponed meetings. It helps management to determine the work done by particular employee.
  • Expense & Allowance record – We have also provided feature to keep watch on expenses and allowances to avoid false travel allowance request. Management can see distance traveled by employee, their meeting start and end point. Also, Management can keep record of every employee of expense & approve or disapprove the expenses.
  • Time and Money Saver – You can assign meeting and monitor on field employees from office. Also you can see their record without wasting time in asking them for details. You can also monitor all employees and their meetings. So these features are helpful for saving the time and increasing productivity. Also, this app will help you to measure traveled distance and calculate their expense and allowance amount automatically. So you don’t need to calculate manually how much allowance should be given to employee. It helps organization to save money.

So conclusion is without investing on any device and spending much money you can start monitoring your employee’s. You can manage everything from checking Live Location to past meeting record & assigning meetings to calculating allowances on this app. Features provided in this app is very beneficial for saving time and increasing productivity.