Strategies to manage Field sales team successfully !

Inside sales team is always way cheaper than outside sales team.

However, cheaper not always better. If you’re selling complex product or service or if you’re B2B Company then no business can convert clients without personal touch of field sales.

How many sales emails we do ignore every day? Or give your attention that how many sales calls you take? Field sales team always at good position in generating more human interactions and create strong relationships with the customer if compare to Inside sales team. In fact, Most of the businessman believes face-to-face meetings are plays crucial role in building long-term business relationships.

You may have inside sales team who works office and Field sales team which work on field that primarily works remotely. In order to make sure that your field sales team is working according to plan, make sure they do not feel so isolated from the rest of the team members and company.

When you are managing field employee team, always equipped them with right tools to according to their role. Also you need to be as present in front of your system to monitor your remote employees as you would be available for the employees working in office.

Your field sales team can be your biggest asset if you optimize their performance. To enhance performance, use below mentioned strategies.

1. Clear communication
Communication is always a integral part for managing field visit teams, specially one that’s continuously on the field in crowd. Establish an open line of communication between the team and yourself to manage a field visit team successfully. Always ensure that your communication with employees is clear and concise. No one wants to confuse your own Field team by giving confusing information. Communicate all hurdles they are getting and changes may occur in their schedule. Make communication a two make your employee feel comfortable as you.

2. Give feedback often
Giving feedback often is also an important strategy. You should implement this strategy to manage your field sales team successfully. You need to develop system to give them feedback easily through instant messaging or walk-and-talks. Using some tools to give feedback is always better rather than calling them every time.
This will help you identify where you are lacking in your management, and new ideas that you can use to get good result.

3. Promote transparency
Transparency is decision making factor. If the manager or team leader has transparency about how particular employee is working or how whole team are working it gives better clarity to decide further strategies according to performance also it gives idea what hurdles team are facing. If team leader can see how many meetings your representative is setting, he can push them for more meetings. This is a friendly way to increase competition and communication.

4. Track your team’s analytics
Good team leader always keep monitoring his team for finding employee’s weak spots. A solid App can provide deep your team’s performance and insight. Like tracking their meetings, traveled routes, closed deals, and missed opportunities to get exact idea of their untapped areas.

5. Choose the right Tool
You need to have the right App or portal in order to maintain all activity field visit employee doing. Perfect app leaves impression on everything in a employees role, from appointment scheduling to performance measurement and live location tracking to expense management. You’ll need to make sure that you are choosing app that has all features that can helps to achieve your goals of the team and simplifies your employee experience. Perfect App can simply improve your team’s experience.

App can keep record of all visits, travelled distance and clients, all that information we can use for further decision that helps to achieve your goal and can make ease in work of field executive.