How Field Visit App is helpful to increase productivity ?

How Field Visit App is helpful to increase productivity ?

Field Visit App is designed and built to ensure task of field force of any organization.
Now Field Force Manager can easily manage and track live location of each field personal without calling or asking for live location share. This app helps you to streamline attendance process for fieldforce team. The app includes automated petrol allowance process to ensure only official travel allowance are approved there by helps organization save lot of financial leakage due to untraceable travel allowance claims.

Below are few highlights of the Field Visit Application:

  1. App based Punch-In & Punch-Out with Location Coordinate capturing
  2. Meeting can be assigned by Manager or self
  3. Track Live Location of fieldforce team
  4. Get real-time update on assigned meeting completion status
  5. View Meeting Summary report with attached snapshots and remark
  6. PhoneBook feature helps you view all previous meeting logs directly within app
  7. Apply Additional Expense Claims and Leave Application directly from app
  8. Do lot more
  9. Get 1 month free trail

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