Power to take our own business decisions during urgency !

On Sunday, I got an urgent call from a customer. He wanted to meet me and discuss about few technical requirements for his upcoming project. I called my boss to discuss the matter with him, but he was not reachable. Now I had to take a decision to fly urgently. If I didn’t take decision to book the flight in next 15 min, I will miss the flight.

Then I realized that we were told during our Field-Visit App training session that in case of urgencies, we can take our own decision and justify our travel and other details from Field-Visit App like location tracking, salesman tracking, remote attendance, meeting assigning etc

That Sunday, I logged in to my Field Visit App from home and technically, I was on duty. I booked my flight, created my own meeting, flew to the client city, met the client at his factory, understood his technical requirement, provided a solution and documented minutes of meetings and uploaded all the details on Field-Visit App.

In the meantime, my boss checked the notifications; he received from Field-Visit App (sales and marketing management feature) and was happy to see all the details, right from the movement I logged in to Field-Visit App. He was able to see all the details like my movement, my expenses incurred, the technical documents uploaded and the minutes of meeting.

He called me up and appreciated me for taking timely decision.

I told him that without Field-Visit App, I would not have taken this decision. Field-Visit App helps to justify our movements & take fast decisions. It helps to be more responsible and accountable. It strengthens our Salesforce team.