Improve your Work-Life balance with Field Visit App

He told that Field Visit App had drastically changed the way his field team works. It had not only brought responsibility and accountability among team members, but also made life easier for all. The effectiveness and transparency had improved resulting in great Teamwork.

We were curious to know, how exactly.

He told that previously everyone in sales team has to come to office first, punch in for attendance & based on their meeting plan, leave from office to visit clients. Many of his colleagues used to start from home at 7:30 AM in the morning, so that they can reach office by 9:00 AM. After completing their client visits, they need to return to office, update all reports, scan documents, upload in ERP and then leave for the day by 7:30 PM and used to reach home by 9:00 PM.

Today with Field-Visit App, All the meetings are allocated and scheduled proactively on App. With sales force automation the sales person can now plan to go to the client directly from home. They can upload all the needed documents, generate reports real-time. The decision is taken real time and Manager has full visibility of the Team as salesman tracking is possible real time. It is not necessary to go to office everyday to submit report and punch out due to attendance management system incorporated.

Field-Visit App not only saved the company on travel cost but saved its employee time too. Field visit App fostered the trust between the Manager and Team members. It brought transparency, effectiveness and accountability.

Everyone is having a better work-life balance with Field-visit App.