Knowledge Transfer Simplified with Field Visit App

One day one of my clients called me up, just to thank me for Field-Visit App. This was a bit absurd, so I asked him, what magic Field Visit App did to your company?

He told that, his organization is into sales and as Sales is a highly result oriented field; he had huge turnaround of people in his sales team.

Whenever any employee used to leave the organization, it was a big task to ensure 100% knowledge transfer and information transfer from one employee to another. This being a grey area lot of information was lost and that used to impact the sales too.

Now with Field-Visit App, all the information is secured and available in right structured way. It takes no time for new employee to takeover. No information is lost and the new employee is ready to contribute with immediate effect.

Even shifting of projects or re-aligning of the meetings (meeting assigning) with the client is done so swiftly that there is no confusion.

Field-Visit App had put his Team on auto mode and he is now able to focus on monitoring team, building strategies and providing due guidance only.

Truly, Field-Visit App proved to be a magic App for him & brought sales force automation.