Serving both Big Corporate & Small Organization

Today Big Corporate has the best ERPs yet they look forward to Field-Visit App for front end lead management.

There are businesses, where huge sales team is involved and the lead conversion ratio is hardly 1%. For businesses like this, it becomes very difficult to track the huge sales force involved, manage their travel expenses, capture the information fast and revert back to client on urgency basis. Though 99% of the leads won’t get converted immediately, but it still becomes important to keep track of them and do timely follow-ups.

Field-Visit App plays a key front-end role here. It brings in needed transparency and secures the information yet help the big organization to choose the data that they want to pick and load in their ERP.

There are many Small organizations that can’t afford ERP.

Field-Visit App & Product catalogue App play a vital role here.

These Apps brings transparency, accountability, effectiveness in small organization and help them work like a well build big reputed companies.

With features like location tracking, employee tracking, remote attendance marking, meeting assigning, sales employee management it adds value to both Big & Small companies field teams.